Spritual Joust and Divinity – Hindu Temples


Being a born Hindu, probably gives an immunity to rationally analyse places where religious faith gets joult and joust in search of divinity. Spirituality is divine, but when exposed to ones scarcity of attainment results an outrage, which can be experienced in all popular temples across annex. I have had my faith vanished while I saw the commercial acpect of vending God for gain way back when I was at the door step of adulthood, which never prompted me to be pious.The further apathy deepens with Joust, Push, Pull, Scream, Shout and extortionist builtup around these temples. 

Whataboutry comes strong to justify the concept and gives license to feel content but in conditions where devotee can only get a glimpse for a second after all efforts, what is registered in their thoughts are just these Joust/s.

There is a way to avoid and get a clear exhibit of deity, a commercial offering and the entire arrangement of chaos is probably designed to mint money by virtue of it. This peculiar arrangement of connection between devotee and deity convenienced by gratuity which avoids Joust and Joult has certainly forced divinity to escape.

Eventually I was aware of this situation and for so forth it proved to be true once again.

There is a flip-side to all this, where my observation upon devotees who give a damn to establish connection by entering into these temples, rather in search of their own inner soul, leaving materials behind are devoted to experience devinity by way of meditation in isolation and certainly free from Jousts, Push, Pull, Shout and Joults of temple. Spirituality has no rule to follow. It’s a relationship  with self and not about competency, rather its about intimacy and connection where the way of spiritual life begins with being alone.

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