Pen vs Gun


Pen, A voice of mind vs Gun, rebuttal to muzzle the voice.

In civilised society, as children grow and step into a stage where s/he starts controlling their mind, a pencil/PEN is extended to them to express her/his mind and the journey of expression starts. Later few evolve with the ability to express one-selves clearly with sense of gratification and content being constitutional comes naturally from a rational thoughtful mind, be it with a PEN on paper or modern synonyms as Blog which people read. Agreement and dis-agreement creates a space for debate where words are exchanged with argument and  counter argument. Contrary, the disability / incapability  to understand and digest along lack of argument, refutation comes either with laughter, abuse, violence, assault and further leads to bullying display of power with a GUN.

The category of expressive minds are defined as Journalist, Writers, Bloggers, Authors etc. and the history is full of bloody suppression as a matter that a section or group could not justify opposition of their thoughts with a superlative reply with an opinion.

Looking back some five years, we in India have observed such case where writers have been gunned down in dis-agreement.

Sai Reddy 2013
Narendra Dabholkar 2013
Govind Pansare 2014
MVN Shankar 2014
Jagendra Singh 2015
MM Kalburgi 2015
Ranjan Rajdeo 2015
Gauri Lankesh 2017
V. Selvaraj
Brajmani Singh
Ramchandra Chatrapati
Tarun K Acharaya
Sandeep Kothari and may be more which may not have been to my notice.

It really doesn’t matter whether their writings were right or wrong till the time the expression of thoughts are constitutional, any unconstitutional expression have their penal provisions. Its the arrogance and infinite faith in their own wisdom are attributes which decide to muzzle the voice rather exercising constitutional provisions.

An abuse to an argument is acceptance of rout and muzzling of voice is final submission to that thought.

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