Hinduism A Way of Life


Hinduism is considered to be the oldest religion that exists and also different from other monotheistic religions in practice. Hinduism is practiced majority in India while Nepal use to be only Hindu country prior to been resolved as Federal Democratic Republic. Aside India and Nepal, Hinduism is practiced throughout the world by immigrant from India. In terms of world’s population it stands one out of seven or in other words, has got third largest followership.

As I am a born Hindu, have realised over age, is a philosophy rather henotheistic practice which has certain boundaries limiting the core essence of this religion. North India believes in complete ownership of practices whereas south and west India demonstrate cultural superiority. Its because of polytheistic nature of this religion the geographical and cultural differences also reflects in their practices.

Hinduism is deeply attached with mythology resulting evolution of stories having same myth with different versions. The concept of Creater, Preserver and Destroyer have their names as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva) respectively are main deity(es), they or their avatars are being worshiped in some way or the other. Its an un-orthodox religion with almost no compulsions while practice, not even worship, has also given path for their followers to carry out their own set and has also resulted in formation of new religions.  Its evident that most monotheistic religions in practice have some rituals or methods to perform by an authorised, if someone wants to adopt, whereas only by way of practice one can be a Hindu if not by birth “Its a way of life”

Truth is eternal, The way of living your life in path of this eternal truth is Dharm. All souls are immortal “Aatma” or can be interpreted as God is inside each of us and is connected to this universe “Brahmand”. The life is to find out the connection between Aatma and Brahmand through “Karm”, good deeds/ bad deeds which influence the path that we follow. Hinduism also believes in reincarnation/re-birth and one’s next life is based upon “Karm”, better in deeds, better the next life and vice versa. In order to release or liberate the soul from this cycle of re-birth, one has to find out its own eternal truth called “Moksha” Freedom from Life and Death through Dharm in her/his life through Karm.

The whole idea of Hundism is to search for the eternal truth by following the “Dharm” and perform “Karm”, a path of knowlwdge, perform your duties, your devotion to society to liberate your soul from constant cycle of reincarnation and free your soul from all the pain and sufferings of life i.e. Moksh or to meet with your God.

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